It’s Sunday. Time for Youtube.


So, I’m a recovered gamer, with occasional returns to certain videogames for about a week, then I come to my senses and get back to real life. However, I have many friends who are still hardcore gamers. I’m posting this video in honor of them.
I know nothing about Splinter Cell. However, I do know that this movie is hilarious. Even if you know nothing about videogames. Just keep watching. 🙂

Enjoy! And Happy Sunday!


This week I learned:


To iron.  For the first time.

Yes, you might have the audacity to point out, I was ironing placemats, which are pretty straight-forward to iron. That’s beside the point, you over-achievers.

I’m aware it’s very important to be self-sufficient in this broken and harsh world. I know how to do a number of very self-sufficient things, actually. For instance, I can wash both clothes and dishes. You’re amazed. I know.

I still don’t know how to iron pants. Or shirts. Or dresses. Mostly things with pockets and pleats.

But that’s okay, because I know plenty of people who can do it for me. 🙂

Still indecisive. Except about Emdashes.


(Emdashes must be used at all times, whenever a dash is needed.)

I’m back. 

Changing blogs didn’t help me be more creative, so I exercised my prerogative and came back to this nice comfy blog. There are times I’m positive a change of scenery will fuel creativity. Evidently a virtual change doesn’t have quite the same effect as a new coffee shop does.

There have been lots of life changes, for me, actually. Few of which I’ll tell you about, since we hardly know each other. No offense. But there have been a lot. 

One I can tell you about is my foray into the world of (attempting) to write steam punk fiction. Basically, I want my characters to wear goggles and sassy Victorian dress and hats, and pack a redesigned revolver, and fly a steam-powered airship. How fun is that?

H.G. Wells had such a great idea. My ships definitely won’t be using hydrogen, though.

Anyway, writing steam punk has been a challenge, but a huge relief as well. Because, well, though there aren’t as many rules as writing normal  historical fiction, there also are some constraints — something that my rule-craving brain can embrace. To be honest, it’s been more fun than straight out fantasy to write. When there are no rules, I’m the sort of person who will freeze, paralyzed until I’m told it’s okay to move in a certain direction!

What is steam punk? I’m linking this description, because I’m sure I’ll fail at describing it correctly. According to some other websites, my interpretation of the genre isn’t as hardcore as it could be. But hopefully there will be some room on the shelf for a few of my steam punk “light” short stories. We shall see!

Feel free to comment if you’re a fan of steam punk – or if you’ve been venturing into the world of new genres you’ve never written or read before! We’re all in this together. 🙂

Good Morning Blog-Readers…


Those of you who are left.

I recently had some major life-changing events, including getting hitched (yay!!) and moving from my lovely, gorgeous, mountainous home state to… well… someplace much flatter. It’s a little bit further from the Walmart than I’m used to. And I haven’t found any local coffee shops yet… but I’ve only lived here for a week, so I’ll give it a little more time. I don’t have a job quite yet, but I do have some folks in the area who’ve said they’d be my friends – Even after they got to know me! Next challenge on my list: DECORATING!

Suffice to say, I’m sitting in my new cozy apartment, with picture frames strewn about me. My Darling Southern Man (the husband) has taken it upon himself to do the measuring, the marking, the nailing and the hanging of the first few frames, letting me be the Visual Director! That means I get to say, “No, a little to the left, wait, no, I don’t like that, move it back, no you went a little too far, okay, right there, now down diagonally just a smidgen, and then left, no your other left…” Ahhh…. now that is power!  I used to hate organizing pictures and furniture with my mother. Now I know why she enjoyed it so much — I’m pretty sure it was one of the only times she could get members of our family to actually listen to her and follow her directions, even if it was to move the living room sofa 11.6 inches to the right.  I’ll have to ask her about that. But I bet I’m right.

One of the only parts of decorating I’m running into issues with is the matter of the TV/entertainment center. Namely… the wires that seem to have created a tangled web that refuses to be organized.

Sooo many wires...


I thought about buying a potted plant to cover it, but I drew a concept picture of it and it just looked silly. I don’t want to get rid of the wires, since they allow me access to the outside world AKA the Interwebz. And although the most obvious answer to the dilemma is to just find a different shelving unit for the TV and it’s appendages, have you seen how much even Walmart-like stores wants for those suckers?! “We will sell you this plywood frame with no back side to it – because seriously, who’s gonna look at the back side of the television – and we’ll even add some more plywood pieces for doors, and give you some plastic handles so you can open the doors – for only $176.98!”  I think I could do almost the same thing with the cardboard boxes I used to move into this place…Say! There’s an idea!

Kidding. Really. I know sarcasm doesn’t always translate well in writing, so I’ll just be plain about it.

So, here’s my question, dear Blogreader: Do you have any ideas for the covering up of the wiry mass that just so happens to be the central focus of my living room? Any input is appreciated. Unless you’re just going to be a jerk about it. There’s really no need for that.

Home again, home again.


Well, I’m back. I knew you missed me. And after three days of learning plot, structure, and character development, well, I’m ready to jump into my novel-writing! After a much-needed (though I didn’t realize that I needed it til about yesterday) break from real life, I headed back to my home, the planning and life that needs my attention. My phone has rung three times since leaving the resort. And I’m realizing that nonexistent cell reception is AMAZING! I love my friends, and I love my family, and I love spending time with them…. but glory… After not talking to anyone on the phone for three days, well… let’s just say I noticed a definite rise in my stress level when that first phonecall came right after leaving the conference. I’m thinking about turning off my phone at night, too. I would love to try getting back some of that peace I’ve been feeling, without the added pressure of making sure I answer my phone.

Granted, having a phone as a work necessity is something I truly understand.

But guys, this week away from my phone was so nice.

Maybe I just need to take an occasional two day vow of silence.

Shhhhhhhhh…. 🙂

And she’s off.


To a writing conference this weekend!

I’m blaming the fact that I haven’t been posting consistently — and that I haven’t been making some amazing-looking Panda Bread — on the fact that I’ve been spending my writing braincells on pounding out a book to work on during the conference. Well, it’s not quite a book. At the moment it’s half in my head and half a clumsily-written story. It wants to be a book. And maybe it will be someday. But right now, it’s more just a project. An ugly, messy, barely-English project. But these things always look grossest before they can become the lovely vision in your head. And it’s pretty gross right now. I’ve done most of my research. However, the main character still hasn’t decided what she’s up to at the moment, so I’ve got figure out what that extra nudge will be to send her into the adventure. But we’ll get there soon. I can feel it.

Until then, I’m getting ready to head off to the conference. Which is being held at a castle. Yes. You read right. A castle.


Don’t believe me?

Enjoy the view below. 🙂



The Castle.