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The trees are trying to kill me.


For the past week and a half, I’ve been besieged by pollen from both trees and flowers. And boy, do they mean business. My sinuses (shouldn’t it be “sini”? Three years of Latin make me question things like this…) have been clogged and draining for so long that I haven’t really smelled, well, anything, for an absurd amount of time. However it is a really nice side effect when taking out the week-old garbage. 🙂 Never having had really bad allergies before, I didn’t realize that, not only can you not smell, but your tastebuds go away as well. So so strange to not have the sense of taste.  I did eat some garlic today, with lunch, and I did taste that… but now I can only taste garlic. Gah. I am so ready to have two of my five senses back!

Inneresting, a story on the news today mentioned that 2011 is looking to be the worst year ever for seasonal allergies. Really, trees? Really, flowers? Couldn’t you at least calm down so my engagement photos turn out okay? I’m having visions of sending photos out to dear friends and family, photos that frame Mister J’s amazing goofy grin and my… swollen, teary eyes, and dripping Rudolph-esque nose, rubbed raw with so many poor tissues.

A loose prediction of my upcoming engagement photos.

Photo via cbs.com

In other news, I am seriously considering buying stock in Kleenex.