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Still indecisive. Except about Emdashes.


(Emdashes must be used at all times, whenever a dash is needed.)

I’m back. 

Changing blogs didn’t help me be more creative, so I exercised my prerogative and came back to this nice comfy blog. There are times I’m positive a change of scenery will fuel creativity. Evidently a virtual change doesn’t have quite the same effect as a new coffee shop does.

There have been lots of life changes, for me, actually. Few of which I’ll tell you about, since we hardly know each other. No offense. But there have been a lot. 

One I can tell you about is my foray into the world of (attempting) to write steam punk fiction. Basically, I want my characters to wear goggles and sassy Victorian dress and hats, and pack a redesigned revolver, and fly a steam-powered airship. How fun is that?

H.G. Wells had such a great idea. My ships definitely won’t be using hydrogen, though.

Anyway, writing steam punk has been a challenge, but a huge relief as well. Because, well, though there aren’t as many rules as writing normal  historical fiction, there also are some constraints — something that my rule-craving brain can embrace. To be honest, it’s been more fun than straight out fantasy to write. When there are no rules, I’m the sort of person who will freeze, paralyzed until I’m told it’s okay to move in a certain direction!

What is steam punk? I’m linking this description, because I’m sure I’ll fail at describing it correctly. According to some other websites, my interpretation of the genre isn’t as hardcore as it could be. But hopefully there will be some room on the shelf for a few of my steam punk “light” short stories. We shall see!

Feel free to comment if you’re a fan of steam punk – or if you’ve been venturing into the world of new genres you’ve never written or read before! We’re all in this together. 🙂