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There is nothing to blog about today.


And already I’m running out of ideas! Ah well. This is one of those days that I find myself sitting in front of the computer screen, pondering about blog ideas that won’t be too personal, but not too fluffy. Pondering… pondering…pondering… Right on cue — the cat has hopped onto the computer keyboard. And with a gentle shove, she’s back on the ground again. That’s theoretically where cats belong. Mine chooses to disregard gravity. She’s up on the table again. Sigh.

And back to pondering.

This is the point where I consider popping over to Facebook, scanning a few status updates (and someone else had a baby shower, woo-hoo), clicking over to a news site, (it’s not election season and yet I’m already wanting to avoid the news again) seeing what’s going on in the world, then I log back over here to the blog dashboard to start typing — Except there’s still nothing to type because it seems like everything that’s coming to mind sounds like an airheaded Twitter update:

“It rained today!”

“My cat is now glaring at me… I think she’s plotting my death…”

“I have a colony of dust bunnies under my bed, that I don’t want to clean because they’re oh so cute and cuddly!”

“I want cookies.”

Hm. Cookies. I think I’ll blog about the fact that I’m going to go bake chocolate chip cookies.

There. Done.

Author’s note: Tomorrow’s post should be better than this one. Or it might not. I only said I was going to blog for 30 days — I never said anything about the quality of the writing.  🙂   (And yes, I know I missed one day, but I was busy contracting a coughing lung disease that has yet to subside, so I’ll just blog an extra day to make up for it!)