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Now that I have time.


I’m waiting to hear back from the visiting fiancé who went back to his home in another state. The visit was just what I’d needed. The next time we see each other, it’ll be a few days before the Big Day, and then that home far, far, away will become mine too. It’ll be the start to an adventure, to be sure. Anyway, now that I’m back to being just me, the writing should happen a tad more often. Also, I’m going to go back to my goal of reading a book every week or so. Since money has been a tad tight recently, I went to the library for the first time in a few, well, a few years. It’s not that I didn’t like the library, but for some reason places with books that also serve coffee have been on my radar moreso, recently. I blame college. Even though college might be a few more years behind me than I’d like to admit. I’ll blame the coffee, too.

This week, on the bookshelf, I’ve just finished with a Richard Castle book. I mentioned it a while back, I believe. I’m now moved on to a book of the Steampunk genre — more information about the genre here — by author Cherie Priest. From what I can find, she’s written a few other sci-fi titles, including one about vampires and werewolves. I’m personally really really really not into that subject-matter, so I’ll be sticking with her Steampunk stuff. Her books so far — I’ve only read two — have been fun, witty, and not the normal plotline I’m used to. This could be because she not only creates a world where the American Civil War has basically become an unending event, but she adds fun technology, like hydrogen-run dirigibles. Also, she includes zombies in her plots. Not creepy ones, but just plain old, hungering for brains, zombies. I hate horror films, but for some reason the setting of Priest’s stories begs for something like the mindless creatures, and makes them charming to boot.

…It’s hard to explain, so I’ll stop rambling about them.

Anyway, I’ll try to report back soon about the book. I’m still at the beginning, so it may be next week.

Til tomorrow!

You ever…


… watch the TLC tv show, Say Yes to the Dress?

These women go to a ritzy bridal salon in New York City, bring all the members of their families, and buy a wedding dress… usually for about $3000.

For a dress.

A dress that will be worn for one day.

Three. Thousand. Dollars.


Anyone else think that the money could be better put to work in ways like… groceries? Rent? Even payment for a  vacation after the wedding?

Or maybe I’m just missing the gene that tells me that the dress is worth a couple of house payments.

Feel free to let me know if I’m just misguided and unclear on reality.


No excuses.


So I’ve failed.

Failed at posting everyday. Today (yesterday) was the day I missed. But it was for the best of reasons, I promise you that. I could try to backdate the post (I’m not even sure it would work, let alone if anyone aside from me would notice the difference), but I’m a big girl, so I’ll take the consequences.

*braces self for incoming disappointment from people across the globe who’ve been reading my every word…. *

…”No one?”

*crickets singing a lovely off-kilter tune*

“Oh. Nice. I just have to deal with my own guilt about the whole darn thing — which is easy enough, since I’ve done it so many times.”  🙂

My reason for missing this important post that I should’ve thought about last night but instead was distracted by 30 different things and so I forgot is this: My fiancé, a lovely, sweet man, came into town today. I spent the day with him. We finalized our choice of silverware together, registered for a pot we’re positive no one will buy for us, but we liked it anyway, and we played boardgames all evening long with some dear friends. Sometime I’ll tell you more about it – but in the morning (in a few hours) we’ll be getting up again and heading up to a lake in the mountains for an engagement photography shoot. It should be amazingly fun and gorgeous weather to boot. Plus, he is here. With me. Life is utterly fantabulous. I could probably die happy, but I’d much rather stay alive and see the rest of the story and how it all ends. I think it’s probably going to be fantabulous too.

Good night/morning/life. 🙂

Writing fiction.


In my attempt to write a novel, I’ve started probably about, oh, nine or ten. I’ve finished none of them. One of the challenges I’m constantly faced with is to make my stories less autobiographical. But now I’m thinking maybe it might be an advantage to have a little bit of my own life as an influence. After reading this article about Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it looks like maybe having some “extreme real life content” might help market a book. After all, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

But maybe it would help even more if I were the daughter of a billionaire. Yes. I like that idea quite a lot.

Ever have one of those days?


Where nothing goes right (or at least seems to go right)?

Where the silver lining you manage to find after painstakingly searching for it still seems to have a dingy raincloud grey tinge about it?

Where you do everything you possibly can to make sure your mood will be influenced by nothing but the best and the happiest things in the world, and you still feel attacked and worn out?

Where you just don’t want to be good and say the appropriate polite thing to the person with the “best of intentions” who is unwittingly driving you crazy?

Where, not only do you stub your toe on the ugly rust-colored ottoman, but you stub your toe on life itself?

Where your cat doesn’t even want to be around you?

Where you just feel like  this lovely, hand-drawn illustration?




That was very reminiscent of my own day today…  If you have ever had a day like it, I’m really sorry. And I’m here to report that I survived, with only a few scars to show for it, though with more tears shed than I’d prefer to admit.



…For the record, I did help save a toddler from running into a busy street today. That made my day at least a little bit better, I think.

Play it again.


Ever really wanted to listen to music that fit your mood, rather than what you had in your CD/MP3 player?

Gotten tired of the same-old-same-old music that loops itself for you on your internet “radio” station?

Have you ever gotten tired of listening to commercials after every song on the radio?

I know I have. (Wow. How serious do I sound right there? I really think those late-night infomercial writers should hire me! “Just wait — I’m adding this am-A-zing set of Japanese Sushi knives  to this deal — restaurant kitchen quality for the home kitchen price!” Sigh.)

Anyway, continuing on from before the random tangent, a friend mentioned something today about an internet “radio” station, that she listens to when she’s working, studying, and adding that little bit of extra shine to her kitchen’s floor. (That would be “housework.”)

The website is called Stereo Mood. It boasts a plethora of music I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard before, by artists (decent and not) of whom I’ve only heard a few. I haven’t heard an advertisement since I started listening (a whopping 45 minutes ago), and it allows you to skip to the next track, stop, pause, even re-listen to tracks in the list when you want to. There aren’t that many “popular” artists in the playlists, so I haven’t heard many old favorites, but I’m thinking it’s a great option for background music and for writing music. I listen to music when I write to help me get through fiction scenes with a consistent feeling, and this is pretty helpful for that.

The main page gives you a list of emotions to pick from, for which they give you what may be the “perfect” playlist for the mood you’re currently in — or possibly the mood you actually want to be in.

I still haven’t figured that part out. I do know that when I selected the “I feel like I want to cry” playlist, well… after a few songs I really did want to cry. I then migrated to the “Busy as a bee” option from the main page. If I were feeling hyperactive in the least, which I hardly ever do, I’m certain I could’ve gotten all six loads of my laundry done in a quarter of the time while listening to that station. So far, the “In love” playlist has been quite nice for listening, with a pleasant tone to most of the songs and lacking the urgency of the “Bee” list.

One of the loveliest tunes I’ve listened to is one by singer/songwriter Rosi Golan, a new name to me. But her voice is cheery, light, and matches the tone of her song, C’est L’amour. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have this sunny holiday afternoon!