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It’s that time again.


I don’t know if it’s hit for you, but around my area, this is the season for graduations. This means countless invitations to ceremonies, partys, after parties, parties that only I am invited to, but not my family, and parties that I’m not really welcome at but the graduate had to invite me because they invited everyone I know. And that just makes everything awkward.

Do you want to know what makes things even more awkward? Graduation cards, of course! And not those fluffy “OMG YAY YOU DID IT, GRAD!” kind of cards. No. We’re talking cards that actually speak from the heart. From the heart of everyone who’s ever had to sit through 13 graduation ceremonies over a two week period. Those who have heard almost every form of a graduation, “sending you naive young people off into the cruel, cruel world, armed with only a piece of paper and a shiny new GPA, which will be ruthlessly ignored the first time you try offering it as a reason you ought to be hired because what employers really want to see is evidence of Experience” speech. These graduation cards are for you. My favorite one? It was so hard to choose.

..and maybe even all the way back home again.

After viewing the selection of cards a little more, I should say that these are definitely aimed towards college-aged humor, but some of them are just priceless.

This second one is what I personally found out upon graduation. Especially in the field of communications/journalism.

What I wish someone had told me before I got a degree that didn't end with the word "engineering," condemning myself to low pay and a severe lack of jobs. I have a bad attitude. I know.

Enjoy, fellow graduation ceremony/party attenders. Send them with a smile. 🙂

Author’s note: Wouldn’t you know it? Not 15 minutes after I posted that last blog (about how I had nothing to write about?), I found this amazing graduation card link. But I will wait until tomorrow to post it. Because… well… I want to. 🙂

However, if you’re reading this, that means it must be tomorrow, which would make it today. Wait, what?

Tune in next time for my post titled, “Do you ever try to be witty but just end up confusing yourself so much that what you write isn’t even funny anymore?”