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The fact of the matter is:


That I’d much rather eat pie than exercise. That’s the problem. Today I’ve been sitting in one of these:

via Wikipedia

Watching videos like this:

And thinking about this:

Wait, no… not that.

I would use the photo of my own pie, but it's... gone... now...


Now, wouldn’t you rather spend time with that lovely thing than this, large, cumbersome thing? (The piece of machinery, not her…)

Ignore her smiling face. In actuality, her smile is a smile of pain. And ignore her athletic curves. Because you know what else can give you curves? That's right. Pie.

I’ve heard that pie actually reduces its own calories and increases its own, natural fat-burning qualities once consumed. Especially when topped with french vanilla ice cream.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? 🙂