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My cat says, “Hello.”


To kick things off this weekend, I developed allergies, which developed into a cold, which is at the moment attempting to turn into bronchitis. Therefore, I’m currently quarantined in my room, visited only by the cat, who just likes to sit and feel superior to all human beings. Especially sick and helpless ones. She likes to sit on the tallest thing in the room and stare down at those below. There’s really nothing that tall in this room, so she’s settled on sitting on top of my computer. She knows if she sits on the keyboard, she can command all attention in the room. The standard attention consists of a swat on her tail. She also considers herself to be somewhat of an author – when swatted off the keyboard, she likes to leave little messages behind. For example, today she wrote the following:

iodeidlxcikps’l  bpowier o[wkr  ;po2Q{ “{PO LP”[O}

I told her I think it’s her best work yet.

The look on her face tells me she knows. She’s aware what tickles the fancy of the lowly masses.

The Author exhibiting her primary "typing position."

She has now thrown herself across the nicely placed notecards I lined up for the structure of my perpetual novel. She evidently likes them arranged her way much better.