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What can you say?


I’m watching the tornado coverage of the midwest right now and just heard about a teenager who was sucked through the sunroof of the car his father was driving, as they attempted to escape the storm. Rescue efforts to find the young man have not been successful in the aftermath of the storm (as of this moment, according to any reports that I can find, that is).

This is one of those things that I don’t think there are words for. It’s terrifying. And it brings me to the point where I want to turn off the television and go read a book with a happy ending… forever. I know it’s an understatement, but life has a way of being so shocking. So… fragile. So… final.

I don’t really want to post this, because my mind is working through all the holes I’m leaving open, and how shallow this post probably sounds. Sitting on my comfy couch, in a house that isn’t decimated by a sudden, uncontrollable disaster – writing about how cruel life can be when I’m in my situation is shallow. I know. If you feel like you need to write me nasty letters about how naive I sound, go for it. I’ll agree with you and respectfully send them all to the ‘delete’ file.

But I do want to post this, because I know that yesterday, I wasn’t thinking about life and how precious it is, and how blessed I am to have a home, and a family who is all accounted for. I wasn’t thinking about how life can change in an instant, for the worse or for the better. I wasn’t thinking about how the most important things in life (yeah, I’m gonna say it), aren’t things. It’s cheesy, it’s simplistic, and get this — it’s true.

Please join me in praying and keeping those affected by the weather going on right now in your thoughts. And if you have the opportunity (I will soon), volunteer to help those who are in need now, and who may be in need in a short time.

Thanks, friends. All two of you.