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Ever have one of those days?


Where time just gets away from you?

You get plenty done, going through your day leisurely, have time for a coffee date with a dear friend, have time to spend some time with family and then… you realize.

You haven’t posted on your blog for the day.

Oh. Noes.

Mentally urging the caffeine you had in that tall cappuccino to help you go faster, you grab your laptop, sit on the couch, watch House Hunters out of the corner of your eye, and try to think about what on earth you’ll be able to post about quickly. ASAP. Inmediamente.

Get ready for something earth-shattering, folks. All two of ya’ll.

I learned to iron this weekend. And that’s not all. I learned to iron placemats.

I know, right?

Earth. Shattering.

I’m pretty much a pro now. And I’m thinking it might be time to expand my expertise to ironing pants. Or maybe I’ll just stick with what works for me. That would be nice, flat, rectangular pieces of cloth. Placemats. Maybe I’ll start my own business. The Placemattery.┬áIt’ll be big. I’ll be able to retire comfortably in my home in the Rocky Mountains and spend the rest of my life sitting on a rocking chair on my wrap-around front porch with the whitewashed railing, with nothing to do but paint the sunsets, write my novel, and bake cupcakes.

What’s so earth-shattering about my learning to iron? Well, because I didn’t just learn to iron — I figured out what I would do for the rest of my life. And how awesome is that?